October 27, 2022

The Benefits of a Fall Cleanup with Junk It 570

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather gets cooler, many of us start to feel the urge to clean and organize our homes. After all, what better time to declutter than when we're already pulling out Fall decorations? But if you're like me, once you start cleaning, all you see are more areas that need attention. That's where Junk It 570 comes in! We offer various services at an affordable rate, including junk removal, light demolition, and much more. So whether you're dealing with an old broken swing set, leaves, and debris or want to declutter your attic or garage, we can help!

Why Choose Junk It 570? 

There are many reasons to choose Junk It 570 for your Fall cleanup needs. First of all, we're convenient! We provide same-day service in most cases. And our friendly and professional staff will take care of everything for you, from loading up the truck to hauling away your junk. In addition, we ensure that any reusable items get donated to nonprofit organizations such as Friends of the poor, Salvation Army, and many more! So, you can feel good about knowing that your junk is going to good use.

What Services Does Junk It 570 Offer? 

Junk It 570 offers a variety of services to make your Fall cleanup a breeze. In addition to our junk removal service, we also provide light demolition services, which are perfect for getting rid of, sheds, hot tubs, and more. Additionally, we can assist with garage, basement, and attic cleanouts, as well as furniture and appliance removal. So if you need help disassembling an old fence or shed, we can do that for you too!

How Much Does Junk It 570 Cost? 

Our prices are based on the volume of junk being removed. We offer Free Estimates, so you know exactly how much it will cost before we start.

If you're looking for a convenient and affordable way to get rid of your junk this Fall, look no further than Junk It 570! We offer various services to make your life easier, including junk removal, light demolition, and much more. So don't wait - get started on your Fall cleanup today!

Call us at (570) 780-1280 to schedule a free consultation. Or, visit us online at https://junkit570.com to view a complete list of services offered in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

We are a family owned and operated junk removal service company based in the heart of Jessup, PA. We strive to provide outstanding service each and every time! As a small business ourselves, giving back is one of our biggest goals. Making sure that any reusable items get donated to nonprofit organizations such as Friends of the Poor, Salvation Army, and many more. From everyone here at JunkIt570, THANK YOU for your interest in our services!
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